The Lovemachines like to serve truffles. Truffles? Musical truffles or more percise Soul Truffles. Tunes from a time just before rap hit the streets of New York, Chicago or Philadelphia.
Heikki Eiden, a wicked vinyl-collecting-finn and Marcus Kaffenberger, a funk connaisseur living in the Odenforest, tap with their DJ-sets into that era and let you know how it musically feels to dance in a sweaty and pumping funk club of that time. No oldies or jazz for beard-stroking university professors but gritty funky grooves that demand sweat out of every pore out of your body and the attention of feet and mind. Uptempo-Soul, Deepfunk, Latinjazz or Afrobeat, the roots for all club music, still taking sophisticated dancers and funk afficianados to their physical limits in underground music clubs around the world. These two raregroove maniacs know what they are doing turning the wheels: Flipping, spinning, wicked and extremely rare 7-inches, one funk monster after the other and kicking the night to another dimension. Always keeping the engine running, never loosing exclusivity in their selection, but on top, not missing out on humor and self-mockery with their appearance. Some songs you might have heard in a coverversion, a hiphop- sample or a bassline and a lot of hot catchy shit you have never heard before.
Besides playing reputative funk clubs in and outside the country, the two musiclovers are not only putting attention on turntables. It is more about spreading the funk message around and furthermore keeping the music alive. Therefore the DJ-Team played and organised shows for funk combos like Poets of Rhythm (Daptone Records) and the worldfamous funkdiva Gwen Mc Rae. For August 2006 they are planning a european tour for the uprising Soulband Nicole Willis & the Soul Investigators (Finland). Two charming guys, in a mission for funk and seriously knowing where to find the groove.